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About Me


I’m Pau Fernández, a CG Generalist from a technical approach with compositing skills based in Barcelona.
I love creating new worlds and making impossible things look real.


My Capabilities

Comfortable working on traditional way of modelling through polygon extrusions as well as sculpting from scratch.
I also love creating procedural tools to enhance the content creation.

Traditional workflow

Organic and hard surface modelling through polygon extrusions with Maya, 3ds Max, Blender and Cinema4D.


Create from scratch or add detail to 3d models to generate a high-poly in ZBrush. Also capable of doing retopology and baking.

Procedural creation

Generation of assets and environments procedurally created in Houdini FX.


Capable of shading and texturing with PBR materials. Knowledge of Substance Painter and experience with Redshift materials.


Ability to create simple riggings and skinnings in Maya, Blender and 3ds Max.


Creation of facial and body/assets animations in Maya, 3dsMax, Blender and C4D as well as adapting them from packages such as Mixamo.

Simulations of rigid bodies, particles networks, volume sourcers, etc.

Rigid body dynamics

Rigid body breakable dynamics in Houdini FX.

Particles Networks

Creation of particles networks in Houdini FX.


Capability to work with volumetric sources such as smoke, fire or clouds.

Hair and fur

Knowledge of hair and fur grooming plug-ins such as Yeti.

Knowledge of VFX techniques and compositing via layer based and node based.

Layer Based

Knowledge of layer based compositing tools such as After Effects. Also for motion graphics.

Node Based

Node based compositing with Foundry Nuke.

Detail oriented

I pay attention to the details and translate real features to digital worlds.

VFX techniques

Rotoscopy, matte painting, cleanup, keying, tracking, 3D matchmoving, etc.

Ability to modify and create images and designs.

Raster edition

Creation and edition of bitmap images in softwares such as Adobe Photoshop.

Vector Graphics Design

Capability to create vector graphic design.

Good programming knowledge from app based to VFX scripting.

Programming knowledge

Various languages knowledge such as Python, C#, VEX, JavaScript or Dart.

Interest in videogames

Familiar with Unity environment and C# scripting.

Web and app

Interest in creating webs and apps in Flutter (Dart), JS, React Native, CSS, ...